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Supporting highly synergistic, entrepreneurial ventures as well as tangential visions.

JENGU AQUATIC RESEARCHâ„¢ is a new water sport apparel brand dedicated to creating the most eco-friendly wetsuit solution on the market. The brand, vision, and product designs are complete and now the testing of next generation materials is underway.

“FORMERLY CAS GROUP VENTURES — After taking CAS Group to market in November 2021 and completing exclusive negotiations, Omnivore Ventures sold CAS Group equity to Wipro Lt. in April of 2022. Wipro out competed the other 15 companies that had come to the table and expressed interest in CAS Group.”

John McAleer

Creative Director, Interactive Genius, “El Gato Grande”,
Record-breaker, Racer, Meatspace Activist, Meta Heretic
and defender of the Wood Wide Web.

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“We enjoy sharing our projects and endeavors just as much as we enjoy creating them.
Take a moment to browse through some of our current adventures.”

Private ad-free messaging and social networking platforms with user value focus in place of VC return focus.

Cofounded Vietnam software development company to support Omnivore Ventures family of companies.
Cofounded venture fund with CAS Group COO Tom McAllister.
Establishing motorsports content brand. Current project: “On the Salt” documentary for release in 2023.
Founded film production company with two projects now in development.
Branding for our recording label, Meta Heretic Records. Special thanks to Skateboard artist, Matt French…


Dime / Darkmail through Lavabit

Funding next generation platform for identity and content management.

ORC Project

Advising to build a platform designed to protect journalists and their work.
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Seeing Is Believing.
Listening Is Cathartic.

Duffy Hacksalot

El Gato Grande, The Psychonaut Soundscaper
Nomad, Western Sahara


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